Patient Testimonials

  • Very friendly staff!

    Maija M.

  • They are very knowledgeable in what they have to do.The therapists take a personal interest in you as a patient. The therapist works towards getting them back to living a more normal life without pain and discomfort. It has been sometime since I was a patient there but I continue to do home exercises that they personalized for me when my therapy was over. I can thank the therapist every day for caring so much for me. I continue with those exercises every day to keep me in well being Thank you Edge for taking such a personal interest

    Jackie M.

  • Great staff that are very knowledgeable and helpful with getting you back to 100%!
    Jon L.

  • After receiving physical therapy at another clinic for 3 months following hip surgery, with very disappointing results, I started treatments at the Edge. My pain level decreased more than 80 % after 3 treatments! As well as an increased of range of motion and strength in 6 weeks. Thank you Matthew Marchman! Best physical therapy in Teller County

    Lisa S.

  • Edge has provided us with varied workouts over the past ten years. Continuous exercise has helped us feel better about ourselves and has kept us in physical condition. This enables us to to complete daily tasks at home (be it work or hobbies). Edge has enabled us to meet many people and make new friends. The family-like atmosphere is what we most appreciate about Edge. The owners and therapists care about their wellness and therapy clients in that they are more than willing to help and give suggestions to members as needed.

    Carol & Wes P.

  • The commitment is always easy to make because you always have someone welcoming you as you come in. And there’s always someone there if you have a problem with one of the machines or with your health. Even when you come in for Wellness, if you ever need rehabilitation, you know where you can go. It’s a place you feel part of because it’s very familiar and friendly.

    Mary Lee R.

  • In 2012, I had my second major heart attack and open-heart surgery. I went through the hospital’s rehab program and then spent several months in their wellness program. When their wellness program closed last year, we (my wife and I) heard about Edge and several other wellness programs. After several weeks researching programs, we joined the Hollow Brook Edge Wellness Program. The first thing that impressed me was that the Edge Wellness Coach asked me what my specific wellness objectives were and then worked with me for several months to develop a custom program tailored to my specific objectives. We’ve been in the Edge Wellness Program for over a year, and we frankly love the program. Not only is it meeting our wellness objectives, we look forward to every session and have thoroughly enjoyed the total experience. The facility is clean and always working. The equipment is comprehensive and well-maintained, and the coaches are genuinely caring and extremely competent folks. I think the staff is the greatest feature of the program and would not hesitate to recommend this program to others. We have fun when we participate and feel very good about ourselves as we improve our health and wellness.

    Joseph R.

  • Started PT with limited ROM. Now have almost all of it back.

    Jody G.

  • Everyone here is great. My therapust is knowledgeable and always goes abouve and beyond. They restored my life!

    Mary J.

  • Great and Friendly staff. Very tentative to patient’s needs. Highly recommended.

    Lavell D.

  • “In the past year we have had 3 in home Physical Therapists and Edge is by far exceptional. They are helping my husband try to walk again where others had not even tried. It is amazing the results they have achieved in just a few short visits. I would highly recommend this group. By far superior”.

    Susan R.

  • THIS PLACE IS AWESOME! I go here to use the gym and the people here are very nice and go out of their way so that you are comfortable even when you don’t know how to use the equipment, there are no stupid questions that goes a long way with me. I like this gym because there aren’t a lot of people using the facility and you can get there and workout with no waiting for a piece of equipment. I highly recommend this place to anyone that doesn’t like crowds. I also recommend this facility for rehabilitation. I have to say again, THIS PLACE IS AWESOME!

    Bradley U.