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Matt is Dedicated and Intentional. I Appreciate He takes Time to Understand The Daily Battle of Being Physically Challenged. His Charm and Sense of Humor is Helpful and He Challenges The Patient to go further each visit.
2020; what a year! Along with all that everyone has been going through in the world, then add having to deal with two surgeries knee surgery and hip replacement.Matt at Cripple Creek has miracle hands. Four months out I feel great and when I dont Matt is there for me.My 1st knee surgery was at the age of 30 now 25 years later 4 knee surgeries I have been to numerous other physical therapy places in my area. Matt at Edge Therapy has far exceeded my expectations. I thought it was just going to be another physical therapy place. Just going through the motions.HANDS ON that's the difference. Edge really cares and that made all the difference in my recovery! Thank you Matt!!!!!
I came to Edge for specific exercises for osteopenia. My physical therapist gave me a specificprogram for this condition. I was very happy with the exercises.
Matt has been just wonderful to work with. Both myself and my wife have been seeing him for quite some time. Our problems severe when we first started seeing him and now our problems are less than cronic. We would gladly recommend Edge.David & Tina Staat
Thank you to Edge Physical Therapy! My sister began her PT for Parkinson's disease. Not only is the Monument office beautiful, but Linda Schmitz, MSPT is kind, professional and compassionate. In fact, everyone at Edge are wonderful. For the first time since her diagnosis 17 yrs ago, I feel confident that she will succeed.Thank you again,Mary
I hurt my lower back recently doing yardwork. I had pain and numbness radiating down my left leg to the top of my foot. After getting xrays and MRI scan the Doctor diagnosed L5 issues and sent me to Matt at the Cripple Creek location. Turned out to be a great referral as Matt is very knowledgeable. He set up a treatment plan, worked around my schedule and listened to my concerns as we made steady progress over the sessions. End result: I was able to avoid surgery and get back to my normal routine. If you need a physical therapist give Matt a chance, you"ll get good results and make a new friend at the same time.
Matt is a Great therapist better than any that I have ever experienced..always feel so much better when done...would recommend their services for anyone in need of physical therapy.
Have been with the Edge for six years and ten months for exercise three days a week. I find them very helpful, pleasant, encouraging, informative, good people to be associated with. Have also had some rehab sessions with the Physical Therapist which was very successful. I highly recommend the Edge for their services. Shirley A. Lovelady
I've had "Great improvement" both during and after my treatments. The team at Edge PT are very knowledgeable. Not only doing my sessions were they explaining my rehab, but I also got some additional suggestions for continued self-care / home care afterwards. This to me is proof that Edge PT care and take pride in what they do.Thanks GuysLaVell
this is a great place to go workout if you're not into big crowds and the people there are very helpful for folks that don't know how to use the gym equipment. they are also a great place to go for physical therapy and the gym is a discount for your health insurance. I recommend this gym for any age and any body.
THIS PLACE IS AWESOME! I go here to use the gym and the people here are very nice and go out of their way so that you are comfortable even when you don't know how to use the equipment, there are no stupid questions that goes a long way with me. I like this gym because there aren't a lot of people using the facility and you can get there and workout with no waiting for a piece of equipment. I highly recommend this place to anyone that doesn't like crowds. I also recommend this facility for rehabilitation. I have to say again, THIS PLACE IS AWESOME!
In the past year we have had 3 in home Physical Therapists and Edge is by far exceptional. They are helping my husband try to walk again where othera had not even tried. It is amazing the results they have achieved in just a few short visits. I would highly recommend this group. By far superior.
Edge Physical Therapy in Flying Horse Medical Center Monument, Colorado
Edge Physical Therapy in Flying Horse Medical Center Monument, Colorado


Welcome to EDGE Physical Therapy where we make you our number one priority. We are a Colorado, family-owned business that is devoted to providing you with your total health care needs. Our wide range of services include physical therapy, mobile/home physical therapy, health, wellness, and more. Our physical therapist staff is certified to bring you the most up-to-date, safe techniques for improving your wellness.

Whether you’ve been injured and are seeking therapy or just trying to better your standard of living, Edge is the right place for you. We believe in improving our health together by fostering a community of individuals interested in accomplishing the same things you are.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your physical abilities – only what you want to accomplish – and together we can help make that a reality. So, check out our locations, and please contact us for a free consultation today!



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